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Court finalizes Halle Berry's child support obligations

Texas movie fans familiar with the work of award-winning actress Halle Berry may be interested in the result of a child support settlement established on May 30. The star of "Introducing Dorothy Dandridge", "Monster's Ball" and other notable films will be responsible for a monthly payment of $16,000 in child maintenance to Gabriel Autry, the male model who fathered and is currently in custody of her 6-year-old daughter.

The ruling follows a 2012 custody battle between Berry and her ex-boyfriend in which a judge ultimately blocked her from leaving the country to take the girl to France. In addition to the monthly payment, Berry is also ordered to pay $300,000 in attorney fees for this custody battle. Furthermore, she must retroactively pay Aubry $115,000 in child support and split the girl's future health care expenses with him.

School tuition coverage is also demanded in the settlement, although the news source did not clarify whether the tuition encompassed college, private K-12 schooling, or both. Since the dissolution of her relationship with Aubry, Berry has since wedded Olivier Martinez, with whom she gave birth to the girl's 8-month-old half-brother.

Texas court cases similar to this one can subvert common presumptions related to child support and family law when a wife is established as the primary breadwinner. A man in a similar situation may fear that a family court could show bias against a father, but the reality is not likely to be so simple. If a father has custody of his child and feels that the child's successful mother is not providing a fair share, then he should refer to his possible previous success in obtaining custody to affirm that he has a chance to win a settlement.

Source: ABC News, "Halle Berry To Pay $16,000 Each Month In Child Support", June 09, 2014

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