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Texas family describes the joy of adoption

Families choose to adopt for many reasons. They may be taking on the child of a deceased loved one, adopting a stepchild or simply expanding their family. Whatever the case, providing a new, loving home for a child is a wonderful thing. There are a number of legal steps to take before you can proceed with an adoption, but it is a worthy endeavor. One family in Texas confirms this in their joyful description of their experience of adoption

The parents already had two biological children, so adoption hadn't been an immediate priority for them. Although the mother had considered it after her own experiences as a social worker, her husband was less enthusiastic about the idea. However, when a particular little girl appeared on a CBS 19 feature about foster children their hearts went out to her. They decided to take the plunge and have never looked back.

The little girl, now 13, couldn't be happier. She describes her new family as fun-loving, and appreciates her new big brother and sister. Although she suffers from type one diabetes, requiring significant care, her new parents have been more than up to the task. Her father is a paramedic, while her mother has experience of the condition from her own father.

This heartwarming story is a fine example to residents of Texas of the positive side of adoption. Although there are a number of legal processes to go through, this should not discourage you. Primarily, it is important to prove that you are a suitable parent, able to cater to the best interests of the child. An attorney may be able to help you with this and guide you through the relevant legislation.

Source: Tyler Morning Telegraph, "Pieces fell into place for girl, forever family," Gillian Sheridan, April 26, 2014

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