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Texas dad fights to have his son returned to the U.S.

If you are engaged in a custody dispute over your child, it can be a painful process. Imagine how hard it must be, however, if your child is in another country, out of your reach. It is not uncommon for one parent to take their child out of the United States in an attempt to alter the course of a child custody battle. For one father in Texas, this is a distressing reality as he fights to have his son brought back to him.

The 3-year-old boy was born in Texas, but when his mother moved from Sugar Land to Poland, she took the child with her. Later, she moved again, to France, initially leaving the little boy in Poland. During this time the child's father battled in Texas courts to regain custody of his son. He won, but it counted for nothing, as the child's mother had moved him to France and gained citizenship for them both.

According to a French judge, the court order from Texas could not be enforced in France, so the child has remained with his mother. Meanwhile, the boy's father visits his son as often as he can, having made 30 trips since 2011. He plans to appeal the ruling and continue to fight for custody of the child.

Matters like this are never easy, as the boy's mother is likely to be just as keen to keep her child by her side. When parents live so far apart, sharing custody can be a lot harder and it falls to the courts to decide what might be best for the child. An attorney can be very useful in such matters, as disputes over custody can often become heated. With the right guidance, you can work toward an agreement that is both fair and beneficial to you and your child.


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