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Family in custody battle to retrieve daughter from hospital

For many families in Texas, the well-being of their children comes first. Even when parents go their separate ways, many will compromise with each other in order to ensure their child's needs are being met. This may mean coming to decisions regarding custody and visitation, or even child support payments. However, what happens when the challenge to someone's parental rights comes not from a former partner, but from an institution?

One family in Connecticut has been facing that very dilemma. Their 15-year-old daughter has been embroiled in a medical dispute that has kept her away from home for over a year. Her parents have been fighting to get her back, in a battle that involves Massachusetts’ Department of Children and Families and two hospitals. The family’s hope is that they can bring their girl home in time for her next birthday. As things stand, however, there is no guarantee that they will get their wish.

The teenager has received multiple and conflicting diagnoses, from a mitochondrial disorder to a psychological one, and was kept away from home against her family's wishes. She ended up being in Boston Children's Hospital psychiatric ward for a year. Massachusetts’ Department of Children and Families has detailed various conditions for the eventual return of the girl to her family’s home. These include a care plan, family therapy and reviews of her progress.

Although this is happening in another state, parents in Texas can sympathize with this family's situation. It is a difficult thing when a loving parent is kept away from his or her child, but law enforcement officials need to be sure the child will be properly cared for. If you are facing a battle to keep your child, an attorney may be able to support you. With the right guidance, you may be able to improve your chances of proving your fitness as a parent and retaining custody of your child.

Source: WCVB, "Teen in state, hospital custody battle to return to Conn.," Veronica Haynes, May 5, 2014

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