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May 2014 Archives

Texas dad fights to have his son returned to the U.S.

If you are engaged in a custody dispute over your child, it can be a painful process. Imagine how hard it must be, however, if your child is in another country, out of your reach. It is not uncommon for one parent to take their child out of the United States in an attempt to alter the course of a child custody battle. For one father in Texas, this is a distressing reality as he fights to have his son brought back to him.

Texas same-sex couple fight for right to divorce

When a marriage doesn't work out, divorce is often the next step. It affords a fresh start to both parties, allowing them to put their frustrations behind them and have a clean break either alone or with someone else. There are many things to sort out once you have decided to split. However, for some couples in Texas, attaining the right to divorce is a battle in itself.

Family in custody battle to retrieve daughter from hospital

For many families in Texas, the well-being of their children comes first. Even when parents go their separate ways, many will compromise with each other in order to ensure their child's needs are being met. This may mean coming to decisions regarding custody and visitation, or even child support payments. However, what happens when the challenge to someone's parental rights comes not from a former partner, but from an institution?

Father disputes hefty child support bill

The child support system is designed to ensure that children receive adequate financial support from their parents. Texas takes delinquent payments very seriously, as is generally the case across the United States. However, for the system to be effective, child support obligations need to be within the parents’ means. If payments aren’t met, the debt can build and accrue interest at an alarming rate.

Texas family describes the joy of adoption

Families choose to adopt for many reasons. They may be taking on the child of a deceased loved one, adopting a stepchild or simply expanding their family. Whatever the case, providing a new, loving home for a child is a wonderful thing. There are a number of legal steps to take before you can proceed with an adoption, but it is a worthy endeavor. One family in Texas confirms this in their joyful description of their experience of adoption