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'Cosby Show' and 'Martin' actor getting divorced

Two of the major custody issues that come up when parents get divorced are who the kids will live with and who will make major decisions regarding the kids. In a celebrity divorce that has recently arisen, the wife of a television actor has made a request which touches on these two issues.

The actor in question is Carl Payne. Two of Payne's best-known roles are roles in which he played friends of lead characters. He played a friend of the title character in "Martin" and he played a friend of Theo Huxtable in "The Cosby Show."

Payne and his wife got married over 20 years ago. In 2012, they separated. Payne's wife submitted a divorce filing last month.

Payne and his wife have a son. Payne's wife, in her divorce filing, has requested that she be granted sole physical custody of the child. In regards to legal custody of the child, she is asking for joint custody.

What do these two requests specifically mean? They mean that she is asking for a custody arrangement in which the child lives solely with her but she and Payne share decision-making authority regarding the child.

One wonders what Payne will request in regards to these two custody issues.

There are many different types of arrangements that can be reached in a divorce when it comes to where a child will live and where decision-making authority regarding a child will rest. Given this variety, a divorcing parent may have many questions regarding what sort of custody arrangement they should be seeking in their divorce. Divorce attorneys can help answer custody-related questions divorcing parents have.

Source: TMZ, "'Cosby Show' Star - Wife Crushes 'Cockroach' ... Files For Divorce," April 10, 2014

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