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Can too much Twitter use lead to divorce?

Twitter is one of the more popular social media sites out on the web. The results of a recent survey indicate that Twitter users who are married or in a relationship may want to exercise care when it comes to their Twitter habits. The results indicate that frequent Twitter use may make a person more likely to experience relationship troubles.

The survey was conducted by The Huffington Post and a doctoral student from the University of Missouri and it was administered through Twitter. In the survey, Twitter users were asked questions about things like how often they used Twitter and whether any conflicts arose between them and a significant other as a result of Twitter use.

The survey's results indicated that individuals who had higher levels of Twitter use were more likely to have higher levels of relationship conflicts. Relationship conflicts, in severe circumstances, can lead to things like divorces or breakups.

Now, given that the survey was a self-reported study done on Twitter, there are some questions regarding how representative its results are. But, even given these questions, this survey's results underscore an important point that is always worth noting when it comes to social media: it is important to always be mindful of the impacts one's social media use is having and to not be careless when it comes to one's social media habits.

Careless social media use can have negative impacts in many different areas. One such area is divorce, as social media posts sometimes show up as evidence in divorce proceedings.

So, when it comes to social media habits, be sure to only engage in careful, safe and responsible ones.

Source: CBS News, "Twitter use linked to relationship conflict, infidelity and divorce," April 7, 2014

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