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Proposed moves and child custody

Sometimes, after a Texas couple with kids splits, one of the parents will desire to move to another state with the kids. There are a great many different reasons that can be behind a desire to move to another state, such as employment-related reasons, family reasons or personal reasons.

Such a proposed move can give rise to significant emotional and custody issues. Thus, it isn't too surprising that child custody disputes sometimes arise between parents over such proposed moves. It can be important for a parent involved in such a dispute to have the representation of an experienced attorney, as the legal issues that such cases can involve can be very complex and the outcomes in such cases can be extremely impactful.

Recently, a custody dispute regarding a proposed move has arisen involving a star NFL player. The player in question is Roddy White, a wide receiver with the Atlanta Falcons.

The dispute is between White and the mother of two of his children. White and the mother both currently reside in Georgia. However, the mother has plans to relocate to New York City, a place where she has previously lived, with the two children.

Roddy White has recently taken legal action in relation to the proposed move. He is asking a judge to prohibit the mother from following through on the proposed move. He is basing this request on arguments that the move would disrupt a custody agreement he and the mother have and that being relocated to New York would not be in the children's best interests.

One wonders what decision the judge the request was made to will ultimately make in this child custody dispute.

Source: TMZ, "Roddy White To Baby Mama - NY Is Bad For Our Kids," March 19, 2014

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