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March 2014 Archives

Proposed moves and child custody

Sometimes, after a Texas couple with kids splits, one of the parents will desire to move to another state with the kids. There are a great many different reasons that can be behind a desire to move to another state, such as employment-related reasons, family reasons or personal reasons.

Theft allegations brought against child support worker

Sometimes, a parent will not receive a child support payment that they were supposed to under a child support order. Failure by the parent which has the child support obligation to make the payment is the most well-known potential cause of this, but it is not the only one. A less common cause, but one that does sometimes occur, is a mistake or misconduct by a child support worker.

Potential avenues for financial help for adoptive families

There are many different forms of help a family may wish to seek out when adopting a child. One is legal help. The various steps of the adoption process can be complex and having the guidance of a family law attorney can be of great help when going through these steps.